YouEdu offers courses focusing on STEM for middle and high school students using their proprietary Innovative Learning Solution. Innovative Learning Solution is a technology enabled comprehensive educational system and approach that enables rapid creation of educational assets, online course delivery, and collaboration platform. The objective of this innovative learning approach is to increase efficiency, enhance learning experience, and improve effectiveness of education both in short and long term.

The education program is planned to be delivered via internet with a focus on minority and underprivileged student population. In this manner, numerous students from inner cities will have an opportunity to participate in the program, gain emerging and innovative knowledge and develop academically. Also the program will be available at no cost for participants.

Getting Started:

To get involved, contribute and be part of this unique, innovative endeavor please follow our registration page link and get registered by providing the necessary information.

Your contributions:

The following areas are identified for contributions and depending on each individual’s aptitude, experience, and interest specific area can be worked out. Proctoring online classes with focus on teaching and mentoring
Curriculum development – Teachers and subject matter experts
Course content development - Teachers and subject matter experts
Student mentoring
Parents, community, school, local body relationship management and co-ordination
Technology development – Web programming, multimedia and application development

Next Steps:

After registering please send a brief resume, indicating your interests, time availability to volunteers@youedu.org. This will enable us to include you in our resource planning and schedule you for the next available opening/opportunity.

YouEdu Offers:

Working with a state of art next generation technology enabled Innovative Learning solution
Contributing towards all facets of education
Opportunity to make a difference in the society by being part of a student’s success.
Recognition for contributions made.