YouEdu offers courses focusing on STEM for middle and high school students using their proprietary Innovative Learning Solution. Innovative Learning Solution is a technology enabled comprehensive educational system and approach that enables rapid creation of educational assets, online course delivery, and collaboration platform. The objective of this innovative learning approach is to increase efficiency, enhance learning experience, and improve effectiveness of education both in short and long term.

Getting Started:

Follow our registration link and get registered by providing the necessary information in the registration page. Also please fill in and sign the parental consent form which will be e-mailed to the address provided during registration. The parental consent form need to be e-mailed to It may be noted that unless the form is received the registration is not complete.

Next Steps:

Based on your grade level, interest, aptitude and academic requirements enroll in the courses offered. Enrollment can be done using by logging and following the Enroll link in the learning page.

The classes are offered during after school hours on weekdays during the academic year and during regular hours during summer vacation. The students are required to attend the live sessions which are proctored online.

How to be Successful:

YouEdu will facilitate you in each steps and resolve any stumbling blocks at any stage of your academic. Following these guidelines will guarantee academic success in short and long term.

Attend all required online class sessions
Interact with teachers/peers seeking clarifications, asking questions, and contributing to discussions both online and offline.
Complete course assignments and home works
Spend time regularly and be prepared for quizzes and tests.

YouEdu Offers:

Virtual Online class sessions proctored by teachers in real time.
Teacher and peer interaction using instant messenger, shared white board.
Course materials include text, graphics, and videos. These materials are accessible 24x7 exclusively for enrolled course participants.
Discussion boards, offline e-mail support for collaboration.
Online tests, quizzes and submission of course assignments.
Opportunity to contribute to course assets.
Opportunity for peer tutoring and mentoring.

System Requirements:

Internet connection preferably high speed broadband.
Personnel computer.