About Us

YouEdu's mission is to enable youths through education focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM). Our programs are designed to facilitate youth and young adult in education, after school programs and community volunteering.

Breaking from the traditional mode of education our innovative learning solution is a technology enabled comprehensive educational system and approach that enables rapid creation of educational assets, online course delivery, and collaboration platform. The objective of this innovative learning approach is to increase efficiency, enhance learning experience, and improve effectiveness of education both in short and long term.

We plan to achieve the following in the immediate future

  • Impart strong educational foundation for participating students in the area of STEM
  • Students from inner cities and underprivileged areas will have an opportunity to participate in the program, gain emerging and innovative knowledge and develop academically
  • Generate interest, facilitate and motivate students to learn STEM
  • Provide a platform for students to contribute towards STEM by the way of relevant thought provoking questions, discussions, novel project ideas
  • A collaboration platform for students at various levels and ages
  • Improve the student's performance in regular classes, standardized tests like AP biology and Subject SATs, and enable them to participate in various science competitions and science fairs